About Back In the Day

Back in the what now?

I’ve always had a special bond with my grandpa. Campfires, family dinners, long car rides, you name it, I was next to him, listening to him dropping some wisdom, or yet another wild story.  A while back, after hearing about the Super 8 footage Grandpa had just converted to digital, I thought “Why not take some footage of my own that I can share with my future grandkids.” So, I filmed a documentary about my grandpa as a way to commemorate what he did and the lessons he learned through his life. When I finished it, I showed my family and a few friends how it turned out.  One of my friends, Noah, really took to the idea, and showed me something similar he had just done on his grandpa. We kept talking about it, and before we knew it, Back in the Day was born!

The goal in creating this was to give families a way to share the history, wisdom, and stories of their loved ones, from generation to generation. Uncle Paul telling his disastrous first date with Aunt Lisa in a way only he can. Nana’s side to the story of when ‘Paw Paw had to rescue Mom from the toilet squirrel.’ With these documentaries you can do exactly that. And who knows, you might discover something about them you never knew about before.

Noah and I are Filmmakers, and we love telling stories just as much as hearing them. And we promise grandma will look and sound just as lovely as ever.  We want to go beyond a photo that will fade, and tear with time. With Back in the Day, we aim to create something timeless.

Family is the most important thing to us, and we’re sure it is to you too. We would love to help you bring your family’s history to life.